Fix My Speaker – Remove Water From Your Phone

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Eject 💦 water from your speakers after getting them wet.

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Are you struggling with muffled or silent sounds coming from your phone speaker? Fix My Speaker by Water Out Of Speaker is a clever tool that tackles this pesky problem by using sound waves to push out water and dust.

In this article, we’ll guide you through easy steps to restore your speaker’s clarity and volume. Keep reading; clear sound awaits!

What is Fix My Speaker by Water Out Of Speaker?

A smartphone being repaired by a Fix My Speaker device with an electronic repair kit.

Fix My Speaker by Water Out Of Speaker is a simpler method used to clean and remove water and dust from your phone’s speaker. It helps prevent damage and maintain the quality of sound output from your device.

Its Purpose and Functionality

Fix My Speaker serves a crucial role for smartphone users, especially those frequently facing water-related accidents with their devices. It’s specifically developed to tackle the common issue of water intrusion into phone speakers.

When water gets trapped in the speaker enclosure, it not only distorts sound quality by making it muffled but can also lead to permanent damage if not addressed promptly. The tool mimics the functionality of advanced features found in gadgets like the Apple watch – ejecting water through the use of specially designed sound waves.

The application does more than just clear speaker enclosures from unwanted moisture; it effectively removes dust particles as well. By generating precise tones that create vibrations within the speakers, Fix My Speaker acts like a mini blower without any physical intervention needed from your side.

This makes maintaining clear and crisp audio output an effortless task whether you’re dealing with daily build-up or an unexpected dunk in water.

Utilizing this web app is straightforward – simply access it on your device and let its tailored frequencies do their job to set your speaker right back to optimal functioning condition.

Users can benefit from this sound-based cleaning method for both phone speakers and earbuds alike, ensuring their listening experience remains uninterrupted by elements like dust and water ingress.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Clean Your Phone Speakers from Water and Dust

A close-up photo of a phone speaker being cleaned with a small brush.

Keeping your phone speakers clear of water and dust is crucial for maintaining sound quality. Dust particles can lodge in the speaker grill, leading to muffled audio or even permanent damage if not addressed.

Water poses a greater risk as it can short-circuit speaker components, resulting in distorted sound or complete silence. Moreover, moisture trapped inside can corrode delicate parts over time, which could render the speaker useless.

Cleaning your speaker ensures you continue to enjoy crisp, clear sounds during calls or when listening to music. Regular maintenance prevents buildup that might require costly repairs later on.

A clean speaker also contributes to better voice recognition by microphones, enhancing overall device functionality. After understanding the importance of keeping your speakers free from debris and liquids, let’s delve into how specific sounds can help achieve this effectively in section three of our guide.

How to Use Sound to Clean Your Phone Speaker from Water and Dust

A phone speaker emitting sound waves in a clean environment.

Using sound to clean your phone speaker is a clever way to remove water and dust. This method utilizes specific frequencies that help eject particles without damaging the speaker.

  1. Visit, click on the “Eject 💦 🔊” button to Eject water and fix the problem for good.
  2. Disconnect your phone from any external speakers or Bluetooth speakers.
  3. Turn up the volume on your phone to the highest level it can go without causing distortion.
  4. Play the cleaning sound through your phone’s speakers for a minimum of four minutes, ensuring that the entire surface area of the speaker gets exposed to the vibrations.
  5. Observe if any water droplets or dust particles come out during the process. You may see them on the screen or around the speaker area.
  6. If you still notice water or dust after one session, play the sound again until you see no more residue coming out.
  7. Listen carefully; if there are no more water-ejection sounds or if visible debris has been cleared, then cleaning is likely complete.
  8. Verify that your speaker’s performance improves by playing music or using a test tone to check for clarity.

Eject Water and Dust from Your Phone’s Speaker

A close-up of a phone speaker emitting sound waves in a clean environment.

Once you’ve learned about using sound to clean your phone speaker, the next step is to actually eject water and dust that may be trapped inside. This process can improve sound quality and prevent potential damage to your device. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Visit the Fix My Speaker web app at
  • Select the ‘Water Eject’ feature within the app. This will initiate a sequence of tones tailored to dislodge water from your speaker.
  • Place your phone on a flat surface with the speaker facing down. Gravity will assist in removing any dislodged water or dust particles.
  • Tap ‘Play’ to start the frequency sound emission. The 165 Hz tone will begin playing through your phone’s speakers, creating vibrations that help loosen any trapped water or dust.
  • Let the tone play for the recommended duration stated in the app instructions. This ensures all water and dust has time to be pushed out effectively.
  • Wipe away any expelled liquid from around the speaker area with a soft, dry cloth once playback has ended.

How can I get water out of my speaker?

To get water out of your speaker, follow these steps:

  • Use Fix My Speaker’s blower above to eject water from the speaker enclosure.
  • Prevent muffled sound and serious damage by removing water promptly from the speaker enclosure.
  • Play a specific tone with Fix My Speaker to generate sound waves that help eject the water, similar to Apple watch’s built-in water ejection feature.
  • Make use of the science-based buzzing sounds provided by the web app to restore speakers for free.
  • Access the free-to-use tool that plays a 165 Hz frequency sound, which effectively ejects water and dust particles from phone speakers.

Eject Water Out of Your Phone Speaker

To eject water out of your phone speaker, use Fix My Speaker, a tool designed to remove water from phone speakers after exposure. This tool operates similarly to the Apple Watch’s built-in water ejection feature, using sound waves to clear any remaining water in the smartphone speakers.

  • Open the web app and follow the instructions to activate the specific tone that generates sound waves.
  • Place the speaker end of your phone facing downwards to allow the water to be ejected.
  • Let the tone play for a few seconds as it dislodges any trapped water from the speaker enclosure.
  • Repeat the process if necessary until no more water is coming out of the speaker.
  • Ensure your phone is completely dry before testing for normal sound quality.

Speaker Cleaner Sound Dust

Use the Fix My Speaker web app to clean dust and dirt from your phone’s speaker with sound. This tool uses sound waves to dislodge particles, allowing them to be easily removed. The process is safe and effective, preventing potential damage caused by accumulated debris.

Regular cleaning of your phone’s speaker is essential for maintaining optimal sound quality. Dust and dirt can build up over time, affecting the clarity of the audio output. By using Fix My Speaker, you can ensure that your phone’s speaker remains free from obstructions, resulting in a cleaner and clearer sound experience.

The Fix My Speaker web app has been praised for its effectiveness in removing dust and debris from phone speakers. Users have reported significant improvements in sound quality after utilizing this tool, making it a valuable resource for anyone seeking to maintain their device’s speaker functionality.

Will putting the phone in rice fix the speaker?

Placing the phone in rice is a popular method believed to help dry out waterlogged devices. However, this technique is not efficient for fixing the speaker specifically because it does not effectively remove water from within the speaker enclosure.

Fix My Speaker provides a more effective solution for ejecting water from your phone’s speakers, ensuring that they can function properly without any lingering moisture-related issues.

The Fix My Speaker web app utilizes sound waves to dislodge trapped water particles from the speaker system of your phone, helping prevent muffled sound or potential long-term damage caused by water exposure.

This advanced and reliable approach offers a more thorough drying process compared to simply immersing the device in rice, providing peace of mind knowing that your phone’s speakers are thoroughly dried and free from damaging moisture.

How To Dry Phone Speaker

After ejecting water and dust from your phone’s speaker, it is important to ensure that the speaker is completely dry to prevent any further damage. Here’s how you can effectively dry your phone speaker:

  1. Use a clean, dry cloth to gently pat the speaker area, absorbing any remaining moisture.
  2. If the phone has been exposed to a significant amount of water, you can use a gentle stream of compressed air to blow out any lingering moisture.
  3. Place the phone in front of a fan or use a hairdryer on a low setting to help evaporate any remaining water from the speaker.
  4. Avoid using high heat settings on hairdryers or leaving the phone near direct sunlight, as excessive heat can damage the internal components.
  5. Leave the phone in a dry environment for up to 24 hours to ensure that all moisture evaporates from the speaker and surrounding components.

Methods for Fixing Phone Speaker Issues

  1. Use a blower tool to eject water and dust from the speaker.
  2. Utilize the Fix My Speaker web app to play specific tones and generate sound waves for cleaning.
  3. Repeat the process until no more water or dust comes out of the speaker.
  4. Avoid using tools like toothpicks or cotton swabs, as they can be risky and ineffective for cleaning speakers.
  5. Employ methods that involve generating vibrations to eject water from the speaker, such as utilizing specific tones or sound waves.

Fix My Speaker Dust

To fix speaker dust, visit, click on the “Eject 💦 🔊” button to eject water dust particles from your phone speakers effectively.

Regularly ensuring that your phone’s speakers are free of dust and debris is essential for maintaining optimal sound quality. The buildup of dirt and dust can muffle or distort sound, hindering your listening experience.

By employing effective methods like using a dedicated tool or web application, you can ensure that the performance of your phone’s speaker is not compromised by unwanted particles.

Common Speaker Problems and Solutions

Crackling speakers and water-damaged phone speakers are common issues that many people face. Learn how to clean water-damaged phone speakers and fix crackling speakers with simple solutions.

Cleaning Water Damaged Phone Speakers

Water in the speaker enclosure can cause muffled sound and serious damage if not removed. Using Fix My Speaker helps to eject water from the phone speakers after exposure to water. The following methods can help in cleaning water-damaged phone speakers:

  1. Using a vacuum cleaner on a low setting to try and suck out any remaining water from the speaker grills.
  2. Placing the phone in a bag of uncooked rice or silica gel packets for at least 48 hours to absorb any moisture.
  3. Playing a series of specific frequency tones using Fix My Speaker to clear out any remaining water from the smartphone speakers.
  4. Drying the phone as soon as possible is crucial to prevent long – term damage, even if no visible signs of water are present.
  5. It’s essential to avoid using heat sources such as hairdryers or ovens, as excessive heat can further damage the internal components of the phone.

Fixing Crackling Speakers

After cleaning water-damaged phone speakers, addressing crackling speakers is essential to ensure the best sound quality for your device. Here are some methods for fixing crackling speakers:

  1. Check for and remove any visible dust or debris in the speaker grille using a small brush or compressed air.
  2. Adjust the volume settings on your phone to see if the crackling diminishes or changes as you increase or decrease the volume.
  3. Update your phone’s operating system and sound drivers to ensure they are running on the latest version.
  4. Test different audio files or apps to determine if the crackling is consistent across various types of sound output.
  5. If these methods do not resolve the issue, consider consulting a professional technician for further assessment and repair options.

FAQs About Phone Speakers and Water Damage

How Fix My Speaker Works

“Can I fix my water-damaged speaker at home?” Yes, Fix My Speaker empowers you to quickly and effectively remove water from your phone’s speakers using sound waves. The web app utilizes sound vibrations to dislodge trapped water without causing any harm to your device.

Unlike traditional methods like placing the phone in rice, which may not be as effective, Fix My Speaker offers a safe and efficient solution for addressing water damage in your phone speaker.

“Is it safe to use Fix My Speaker on all types of smartphones?” Absolutely! Whether you have an iPhone, Android, or any other smartphone model, Fix My Speaker is designed to work across various devices.

It’s a universal tool that can assist with removing water and restoring the functionality of your phone speakers without causing any damage.


In conclusion, Fix My Speaker by Water Out Of Speaker is a web tool designed to remove water and dust from phone speakers by using specific sound frequencies. The tool uses vibration sounds to eject contaminants from the speaker enclosure.

It also offers tips on how to sanitize and clean phones and other devices, making it a valuable resource for maintaining electronic devices. With its science-based approach and subscription option for updates, Fix My Speaker provides an effective solution for addressing common speaker issues.